How long is it good for out of the fridge?

For 24 hours. Take it wherever the day takes you.


Can I take a Bright Bar with me on a hike or bike ride? Will it get smushed in my pocket?

Yes, bring it with! For best results, just put it in the freezer the night before.


So, you use the leftover pulp from juice, right?

Nope. We use whole vegetables and fruits. Everything you see running down the left hand side of this page goes in as is (except for peels and pith).

Wait, you’re telling me that whole, fresh fruits and vegetables are in these products?

Yep. Fiber is good stuff, and with Bright Bar, you get to keep it.


How do you get Bright Bars to stick together? Is there anything artificial in there?

The magic of three ingredients: chia, coconut, and dried orange. You won’t find any stabilizers, gelling agents or gums in our bars. Just real food.

How long will Bright Bars keep in the fridge?

30-60 days, depending on the flavor.

Can I freeze Bright Bars? How long will they keep in the freezer?

Absolutely. In fact, if you’re planning to take them out with you, we recommend it. In the freezer, our bars will last 2+ months.

Are your products certified Organic?

Yes! All of our products are certified USDA Organic. We only use organic veggies, fruits and nuts and, whenever possible, organic superfoods, too.

Can I give Bright Bars to my kids?

Yes again. Many people are elated to find their kids devouring kale, carrots and beets once they taste our bars.

Where do I find Bright Bar in the store?

Always in the refrigerated section. We’re usually shelved near cold-pressed juice, but you also might find us in the raw or prepared foods sections.

Where can I buy Bright Bar? Do you sell your products online?

We’re currently available in select Whole Foods stores in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.