"Wait, how do you make it?” 

Very simply: we chop whole, real food, combine it together into something you can hold in one hand, apply cold-pressure processing (HPP), and keep it chilled until you eat it.


“So, you use the leftover pulp from juice, right?”

Nope. We use whole vegetables and fruits. Everything you see pictured above goes in as is (except for stems, peels and pith).


“Wait, you’re telling me that whole fruits and vegetables
are in these products?”

Yep. Fiber is good stuff, and with Bright Bar, you get to keep it.


"How do you get Bright Bars to stick together?
Is there anything artificial in there?"

The magic of three ingredients: chia, coconut, and dried orange. You won’t find any stabilizers, gelling agents or gums in our bars. Just real food.


"And it’s refrigerated?"

Yes! Mother Nature came up with the world’s best (and cleanest) preservative: cold.